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of car owners don’t own parking space


of urban population have smartphone and car


of the day your car is parked


of urban traffic is drivers looking for parking




Its easy to stop the parking stress.



All in one

Your daily assistant in the vicious
parking mayhem.

Auto Detect

No-touch technology.
Just install and let the phone work.


Your local crowdsourcing
community against parking stress.



Activity will give you credits that
can be redeemed for preferential parking.


Give other users a heads-up
when you are about to leave.


No data leaves your device
until you confirm. Ever!



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It’s in your hands. Literally.



ParkTAG shows all free parkings around you in one map. You can see parking spots that have already vacated or will vacate in a few minutes. You can also check out commercial parking options.

The ParkTAG community helps each other find free parking spots. You can use the app to report two types of free parking spots.

Type 1 (“Handover”): Imagine, you got a great parking spot right in front of this famous coffee shop and there are 30 Minutes left on the parking meter. You’re about to leave the coffee shop. Just post your parking spot for other users to swop with you. You’ll get a big “thank you” and credits. The more you give the community the more it will help you.

Type 2 (“Tag”): After you enabled auto-detect the app will automatically sense when you leave a parking spot. Other user will see the anonymous parking spot you vacated. We will never share any personal data without asking you!

No, your all-day movements are not being stored or transmitted. All measurements happen on your personal mobile device.

The only time your real-time position will be published is during the handover with another user. To meet at the parking spot you need to see the position of each other. We really care about your privacy and hence give you the full control of what you want to share. All of us use the app on our personal phones.

The more you use your phone generally, the more power is consumed. ParkTAG will consume significantly less power than a navigation app. We build ParkTAG as power neutral as possible by reducing GPS usage. If you enable auto-detect, you will find hints of a usage increase which we find very acceptable for finding parking quicker every day!

ParkTAG is available for the iPhone 3, 4 and 5 series. Since version 2.0 we support all devices with Android 4.0 upwards.

Facebook is the easiest way to create an account. This way you can share your parking positions with friends or family within the app. We will never post anything without asking you! You can also choose to create a ParkTAG account.

We want you to have full control of your privacy at all times. You can choose to share your parking position. You can chose to auto-detect and send anonymous parking vacancy to the community. Or you can even chose to offer handover to other users including your real-time position. It’s in your hands… Talk to us, if you are unsure about your options or want more details.

We started ParkTAG with private money. The server capacity, which is needed to exchange parking vacancy, is very expensive. The bigger the community, the bigger the costs for this. We’re happy to announce that we’ve acquired funding from Hightech Gründerfond (comprised by the German Ministry of economics and German corporates). Now we’re looking forward to solve parking problems in your city even faster!

The more drivers join the community, the more parking spots will be visible. So when there is no vacancy around you just invite friends, family and neighbors. With every member you recruit the community grows and you have an easier life finding parking

You will see a timer for vacant spots. They indicate when the spot became vacant. You can decide likeliness of actual vacancy based on your experience. When you conduct handovers with other users you can time your arrival with the real-time positioning. Parking spots are public property. Globally most road traffic regulations give a waiting drivers right of way, if they have a flashing turning light.

Of course you’ll keep your points! It’s possible the other user got into a traffic jam. The real-time positioning will allow you to see, if the other user will be on time.

User that run auto-detect report vacated spots to the community. The timer indicates when the spot vacated. You can decide likeliness of actual vacancy based on your experience. Other users who offer a handover will appear as timer with Avatar. The decreasing time indicates when handover is desired.



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ParkTAG GmbH
Kantstrasse 81
10627 Berlin, Germany

Represented by:
Silvan C. Rath, Founder & CEO
Fax: +49-3212-1043874

Entry in commercial registry.
Register court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
Register number: 125998
VAT ID 1127/023/07914


We are looking forward to serve you very soon!!!