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ParkTAG says Goodbye

But don’t be sad it will live on in another form. Our company was born in May 2014 by a passionate team, great investors and support from many public authorities. Back then (geez, it feels like ages ago:) no parking guidance system for on-street parking existed. We set out to crowdsource parking availability with you. Following the crowdsourcing path Waze, Moovit and others had paved.

We knew it was a steep mountain to climb. A crowdsourcing system is only as good as the size of participants. Hence the goal always was to scale fast. For you to enjoy effortless parking. We launched the ParkTAG app to empower you to grow the community with us. And it worked! People across geographies fell in love with the idea. Lively communities quickly grew in Europe, South America and even in Asia.

Despite the raving success massive amounts of users were still missing to provide a great service to the masses. In order to give you parking success, we needed around 10% of all drivers in any given city. That is a lot of people!

Thus we came up with a new idea. We crowdsource availability not only from the ParkTAG community but also from other friendly apps that want to support the cause. A new product was born. A crowdsourcing plugin for other apps. So many millions of users joined the crowdsourcing through their favorite apps. When people from different apps contribute it is only natural to pay back the favor. We started offering a parking availability database for partners. So that they can integrate parking availability into their products. For more people to benefit from the crowd. An astounding set of partners started gathering. World class parking payment apps, cities, car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, navigation OEMs and even news apps.

Parking naturally is a feature of navigation. Having said that why should there be a separate parking app? Why not have parking guidance built into your navigation system or app? And this is exactly where the idea of ParkTAG will continue to live on. We believe it is time to say Goodbye to the ParkTAG app. And say hello to last-mile navigation. We will continue to provide our service to partners around the globe. So that you can consume on-street availability where it is most convenient. In your navigation product.

A short personal note. ParkTAG brought together a fabulous team of enthusiasts in Berlin who started as colleagues and became friends. We have been overwhelmed by the global support from companies, municipalities, politicians, journalists and you – the crowd. We learned a ton. And are very proud to have been pioneering on-street guidance with you. We will be around. So no need to be sad! Today we have a thriving business with our parking partners. And have also started offering the core technology behind ParkTAG to other use cases.

For example, we are currently developing capacity planning systems with the German railroad, the Berlin public transport authority, Telefonica and others. We also have clients in city planning, mobility and retail who are using the capabilities of our system for optimizing their offerings with real-time insights into mobility patterns. If you want to learn more, check out

Let’s close with a quote from Douglas Adams: “So long and thanks for all the fish.