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of car owners don’t own parking space


of urban population have smartphone and car


of the day your car is parked


of urban traffic is drivers looking for parking




It’s easy to stop the parking stress.




Your daily assistant in the vicious
parking mayhem.

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No-touch technology.
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Your local crowdsourcing
community against parking stress.


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You can find three different pins on the map:
Green Pins (<10); parking spots vacating in the next 10 minutes.
Green Pins (<5); parking spots vacating in less than 5 minutes.
Grey Pins (<5); are recently vacated parking spaces (less than 5 minutes).

ParkTAG shows all parking options around you in one map.
You can see parking spots that have already vacated or will vacate in a few minutes.

The ParkTAG community helps each other to find parking. You let the ParkTAG app run on your phone. The app automatically detects when you parked your car. It will automatically detect when you vacate a parking spot. Your vacating parking spot will be visible to others (anonymously).

ParkTAG is available for iPhones (3 and up) and for Android phones (4.2 and up).

The app detects when you are about to vacate or just vacated a parking spot. The vacancy will be visible anonymously to others members of the community. That´s how you help other users to find a parking spot (and vice versa).

Case 1:
The green pins (5 or 10 minutes) are shown on the map when a vacating spot is detected. Depending on the time you drove to the parking spot, it is possible that the vacancy cleared before you arrived. To avoid it, we will soon introduce a system to allow a personal handover between you and other users.

Case 2:
The gray pins (5 minutes) are shown on the map when someone has already vacated. If the parking spot is still available or not depends on traffic. Please use your own judgment, if it’s worth trying to reach this parking spot. You obviously have to consider the time of day and demand for parking spots.

The more drivers join the community, the more parking spots will be visible. So when there is no vacancy around you it means that you are the first parking hero in your area. Invite friends, family and neighbors to join the community. With every member you recruit the community grows and you have an easier life finding parking. Or please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail us and we will try to find more users in your area.

With ParkTAG you do not need to publish your vacancy manually. The app detects automatically when you vacate a parking spot. Just by opening the app you are automatically contributing to the community.

Do not worry: All location data stay on your personal phone. We will never reveal your identity or position to anybody without your consent! You can find more information about data security in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If anything is unclear to you, we are happy to receive an e-mail.

Parking spaces are public property. Most driving regulations around the world state that a driver waiting with the indicator has the right of way. So if you´re already standing at the vacant parking lot with flashing indicator, the parking is yours. As you know in advance where something is going to vacate, you can be there first.

We started ParkTAG with private money. The server capacity, which is needed to exchange parking vacancy, is very expensive. The bigger the community, the bigger the costs for this. Therefore, we are happy that we’ve acquired funding from Hightech Gründerfond (comprised by the German Ministry of economics and German corporates). Now we’re looking forward to solve parking problems in your city even faster!



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ParkTAG GmbH
Kantstrasse 81
10627 Berlin, Germany

Represented by:
Silvan C. Rath, Founder & CEO
Fax: +49-3212-1043874

Entry in commercial registry.
Register court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg
Register number: 125998
VAT ID DE293085536


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