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See Which Space Vacates!

Save your time, money and nerves.
ParkTAG tells you about vacating parking spaces.

See Which Space Vacates!

Save your time, money and nerves.
ParkTAG tells you about vacating parking spaces.


  • "A very useful app ! Deserving to be known, if you live in a big city and if you spend too much time searching for a parking lot :-) "

    Julie - Android ★★★★★

  • "Great App User friendly & helpful App, thanks!"

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  • "A social network for parking spots."


  • "Still looking for a parking or did you already park?!"

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How It Works


Download ParkTAG for Android or iOS


Open the app in one of our cities when you need a space


Select and drive to the parking space of your choice


Let the app run in the background so that others also find the spaces you vacate

No More Parking Search. Ever.

ParkTAG is an easy to use application that helps you to find free parking spots in your city. It works with an auto-detection algorithm. This means that ParkTAG detects, in real time, parking spots that are available or will become available in the near future. You´ll see upcoming spots up to 10 minutes before other drivers! Unlike other applications, ParkTAG shows curbside parking spots and not just private parking. The app works via community involvement and is free of charge for your. The more users the better it becomes. Just by opening the app you are automatically contributing to the community. Check out how ParkTAG works here!

ParkTAG Cities

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So Many Questions

ParkTAG helps you find a curbside parking space. You can see where other ParkTAG users already vacated or will vacate their parking space in a few minutes. Basically ParkTAG allows you to look into the future. This works already in the above mentioned cities.

The ParkTAG community helps each other to find parking spaces. All users let the ParkTAG app run on their phone. The app automatically detects when one parked. It will automatically detect when the car vacates again. That vacating parking space will be visible to the community. Completely anonymously!

We use clever algorithms that understand the sensor data from your smartphone. Thus the app detects when you are about to vacate or just vacated a parking space. The vacancy will be visible anonymously to other members of the community. That´s how you help other users to find a parking spot (and vice versa).

No! At no point can someone identify your position. No real-time location data is ever transmitted. The algorithm works directly on your phone. Once a parking event occurs the anonymous information is transmitted. Effectively that data package contains the coordinates of the parking space (not you!), a timestamp, an event type and an identifier for the phone (not you, again!).
To improve the app you can decide to turn the Training module on. This module temporarily submits some extra sensor data to us. During the training period the algorithm operates on our server. You can find more information about data security in our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If anything is unclear to you, we are happy to receive an E-mail.

The more drivers join the community, the more parking spots will be visible. So when there is no vacancy around you it means that you are the first parking hero in your area. Invite friends, family and neighbors to join the community. With every member you recruit, the community grows and you have an easier life finding parking. Or please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail us and we will try to find more users in your area.

Install ParkTAG. Let it run in the background. Enjoy the ride. There is no need to manually repoort anything. The app detects automatically when you are about to vacate a parking space. You can help e´verybody most, if you spread the word. The more people use ParkTAG the higher the chance that someone is vacating where you are arriving.

You’ll find three different pins on the map:
Green Pins (<10); parking spots vacating in the next 10 minutes.
Green Pins (<5); parking spots vacating in less than 5 minutes.
Grey Pins (<5); are recently vacated parking spaces (less than 5 minutes).

Case 1:
The green pins (5 or 10 minutes) are shown on the map when a vacating space is detected. Depending on the time you drove to the parking space, it is possible that the vacancy cleared before you arrived. To avoid it, we will soon introduce a system to allow a personal handover between you and other users.

Case 2:
The gray pins (5 minutes) are shown on the map when someone has already vacated. If the parking spaces still available or not, depends on traffic. Please use your own judgement, if it’s worth trying to reach this parking space. You obviously have to consider the time of day and demand for parking spaces.

It might be that a driver occupies a parking space without using ParkTAG. Parking spaces are public property. Most driving regulations around the world state that a driver waiting with the indicator has the right of way. So if you´re already standing at the vacant parking space with flashing indicator, it’s yours. But please always be respectful. The world is competitive enough already…

ParkTAG is currently available for iPhones (5 and up) and for Android phones (4.2 and up). We have a team of 3 engineers trying to open a Nokia shell since a few months. Once we have it open we might be able to estimate development time for you.

We are financed by the Hightech Gründerfond (public-private-partnership between the German Ministry of economics and German corporates). Also the European Commission supports us through the Horizon 2020 program. Our revenues come from car manufacturers, mobility apps on other corporates who license the technology we invented.

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